SurfaceR with SignalR and .NET 5


Finally I pulled this off. I made this SurfaceR which is a cool/fun project for my portfolio using SignalR and .NET 5.

Let me give you a summary what is this all about!!

This is a Web App which has a cube in it made with raw HTML5 and CSS3 and the 3D rotation of the Cube is done by a remote device which sends data through SignalR. It has two modes one is where you can use a mobile device where it captures the Device orientation and rotates the cube accordingly. Also you can control its X,Y and Z axis rotation with a Slider remote also.

How It Works?

The SignalR connection is made with the two devices. When the Device 1 has the Cube and the Device 2 has the remote, if not you can use two separate browser windows in a PC for testing. 

When the Device 2 orientation changes it sends the X,Y and Z info through signalR and the Cube on the Device 1 is rotated accordingly. 

It was fun to make, its hosted on Microsoft Azure, you can check it out and Tell me what do you think about this.

Samples/Demo Images


Link - 

Or Click Below

SurfaceR App


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