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Building a Login Flow with .NET MAUI

​ Let's build a Login Flow with .NET MAUI with Shell. Authentication in any mobile app is very common. Lets get started with this. Its obvious that it should ask for login only if it isn't authenticated. We will check for authentication , if not there we will move to Login page if login is success we will move to the Home page. For this example we will override the backbutton pressed event to quit the application but you can customize accordingly as per your need. For this post I am using a simple authentication but you can use JWT or any method you want.  Here is the example of the login flow:       All the pages that has to be used needs  to be registered with the Shell. If you are a bit familier with the Shell navigation the first content page is the one which is displayed after startup. So we need to structure the shell accordingly in order. The pages we are using here for the example: LoadingPage LoginPage HomePage SettingsPage Here is the AppShell.xaml <

PySpark Schema Generator - A simple tool to generate PySpark schema from JSON data

 Hi Folks, I built a small tool that solves a problem for a data engineer while dealing with JSON data. As we know JSON data is semi-structured and we always ingest them and denormalize them to smaller tables properly for further processing. In my case I had to generate PySpark Schema from JSON to ingest the data and the JSON structure often gets changed. The JSON I was dealing was very complex but let me give you an example about the tool, what problem it solves. For example we have a JSON coming from Kafka like below {   "name": "PREETish ranjan",   "dob": "2022-03-04T18:30:00.000Z",   "status": "active",   "isActive": true,   "id": 102,   "address": {     "city": "Bhubaneswar",     "PIN": 500016   },   "mobiles": ["8989898989", "5656565656"],   "id_cards": [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] } The output i need is like this, StructType([     Str