Use SCSS with ASP.NET Core 5.x or 3.X

Here we will see how we can use SCSS or SASS with ASP.NET Core 3.X or 5.X

Here is the step to step guide for using SCSS in ASP.NET Core.

Step 1:

Install sass as global using npm:

npm install --global sass

Step 2:

Create a new ASP.NET Core project , choose MVC or Razor Pages

Add a SCSS file to the Web app, here I have added test.scss to the wwwroot/css folder.

Add the following lines to the .csproj file to enable SCSS to CSS compilation in the web app.

For node-sass and ruby-sass write this:

sass --no-source-map $(ProjectDir)wwwroot/css/test2.scss $(ProjectDir)wwwroot/css/test2.css

If you're using dart-sass

If you're using dart-sass the usage is --no-source-map

sass --no-source-map $(ProjectDir)wwwroot/css/test2.scss $(ProjectDir)wwwroot/css/test2.css


<Target Name="ScsstoCss" BeforeTargets="Build">
<Exec Command="mkdir $(ProjectDir)wwwroot/css" Condition="!Exists('$(ProjectDir)wwwroot/css')" />

<Exec Command="sass --no-source-map $(ProjectDir)wwwroot/css/test2.scss $(ProjectDir)wwwroot/css/test2.css" />

Step 3:

Enable Razor Runtime Compilation in the StartUp.cs file

//for MVC

//for Razor Pages

Alternative Solution

You can use the Visual Studio 2019 extension that can help you convert SCSS to CSS.

Install the VS IDE Extension

Right click to convert the file to CSS


Thanks for reading


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