Making my Own Expense Tracker WebApp

 My Own Expense Tracker - Sonic Ledger

I made a expense tracker management software. I call this as Sonic Ledger. This helps you to track your expenses and store personal notes. Here you can store your financial transactions. Deposit or spend is there with variety of categorization like entertainment, food, shopping etc. 

The Home dash board shows you a doughnut for your expense and deposit. It also helps you see your deposits , spends and spends classified in categories in the form of bar charts.

Features as per V 2.0

1.Multiple ledgers/Account support

2.Personal Notes/Blogs

3. Doughnut, Bar charts for deposits and expense overview

4. Identity Auth service with 2FA support

5. Expense categorization

This application is built using .NET 5 MVC. It uses ChartJs library for chart visualization pages. This uses SQLite database but it can be configured to work with Microsoft SQL Server or Postgres or My SQL as it uses the popular Micro ORM Dapper and ORM Entity Framework Core 5.

It is quite well built using the MVC design pattern and uses best practices for the EF Core library.

I am planning to built a  SPA version for the same project with Angular for web and Ionic for mobile app. Its half way there and it will be ready soon.

I haven't focused more on the design and UX as for now I will be the one using it. Even the registration is restricted to the admin only. I will share when i will host this. I am planning to do in Microsoft Azure as that is the one cloud provider i am familiar with. 

Home Page                        Login Page                    


Home dashboard                Features List


Expense Chart                Deposit Chart

Add New records
Ledger/Account Home

I will improve this as i develop and add new features also it will have a clean UI in the next versions planned. 
Few features i am working on for this project
1. Import/Export from Excel/Json/CSV
(Currently you can only export in json and Import is not supported)
2. Invoice and report generation
3. SPA and Mobile App
4. Payment reminders
5. Spending limit alerts
6. Debit/Credit Card or Password or Finance related sensitive info storage

Thanks for Reading, Hope you like it.
If not I will try again 😑


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