Rewriting the Project of Nitrogen Estimation in Rice Leaf

I have created the Nitrogen Estimation app for both Android and Web in JavaScript. The application was purely client side. But as I learnt new skills I want to rewrite the application wtih more secure and more features. Initially the algorithm of the application was written in JavaScript and I have rewritten the algorithm in C#. I have written  Library which I can use in every platform's application. Windows, Android,iOs ,Linux. This library does all the job just the UI for each platform is different. Previously the app was just wrapped into a webview and ported to android but this time it will be a native and high performance application. I have started the revamp process but not completed yet. I am still confused with .Net and . NET Core. I want to make some Web API whcih will help me store the data. Which I can store and build a strong monitoring system for rice crop.
Here I am sharing the Screen shot of the preview version of the application for the web..
The app in the Android and iOS platform will be a bit different in UI part... But the workflow will be same.
You can take a photo and test or you can test the existing taken photo.
Here is the sample Nitrogen Estimation page..
Soon I wiil be Posting another update on this project as I proceed further. This UI uses bootstrap themes.
I wiil be using .NET and .NET Core for Web and Xamarin.Forms for Android,iOS platform. As of now I am thinking of integrating Backend .Net with front end Angular 9. The database I am going to use is...MS SQL Server.

Another Post with Full details.


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